Fine Decisions For the Proper casino Bonuses

This is your first visit to the poker room of a casino? In the first part of this article we will help you relax and prepare yourself before sitting down. In the second part we will give you some valuable advice once you are at the table.In general, when you enter for the first time in a casino, you find yourself a little overwhelmed. Players pressed against each other around the tables, shouts of joy or disappointment winners and losers, the sound of bells slot machines, lights that flash everywhere…

The whole casino is like an orgy of over-stimulation of the senses. It is therefore normal to feel a little hallucinated when you enter for the first time.And that does not get any better when you enter the poker room, between the screens glued to the walls, the tiny silhouettes hidden behind mountains of tokens and the croupiers, managers and security agents who move around. With the best casino bonuses in the industrythis is perfect.

If you are not careful, you can easily find yourself distracted.The purpose of this article is to help you make this baptism happen as best as possible.Note in passing that some things may vary from one casino to another (organization, equipment, staff,). Make sure to choose a serious casino and where poker is treated seriously.


First time at the casino: Before you sit down

  1. Register on the waiting list

Generally, the casino leaves you an hour between the moment you call and the one you arrive. If there is a waiting list, it will save you from going around in circles for an hour at the casino and let yourself be tempted by other games where you would spend all your money.

Unfortunately this possibility does not exist in all casinos. In which case:

  1. Report your arrival

When you arrive at the casino, go directly to the side of the poker room and register on the same waiting list (if no table of your choice is free). You will then be called by a member of the “floor” when a seat will be released. If the waiting list is still important, you may be given a pager that will signal you when a seat has been released for you.This is a pretty practical system because it saves you from staying in the same place. It’s also a good time to ask all your questions about buy-in and others.

  1. Avoid the trap of other casino games

This is probably worth mentioning. You are a poker player and poker players should know how to avoid this kind of negative hope games. No need to waste your time and money.You can stay close to the poker room; watch a little TV, read a poker magazine story to pass the time. Or even better, observe the players (depending on the layout of the place it is sometimes possible to be almost behind the players!). But whatever happens, do not put your budget for the evening on a hand of blackjack!